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The Blackest Black

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All of the paintings in this gallery are made using Black 3.0, 24 carat Gold Leaf, Pure Platinum Leaf and metallic paint.

Black 3.0 is the blackest and mattest acrylic paint on the planet which absorbs up to 99% of visible light. It is like looking into a black hole. The creators of the paint, (Stuart Semple at Culture Hustle), created a new acrylic resin that holds more pigment than other acrylics which means that Black 3.0 is capable of trapping much more light. They developed a pigment (Black Magick) that is totally matte (normally black pigments are slightly shiny). They have added a variety of brand new transparent mattifiers to flatten out stray light. The paint is extremely sensitive to touch and needs to be handled with great care. All of the paintings in this Gallery are professionally framed to enable safe handling.

The paint cannot be varnished as it will lose the matt black effect - it can mark easily if touched. Extreme care is required when handling. 

The best method of removing any unwanted dust particles from the black surface is to very gently, and very lightly, dab some scrunched masking tape on the surface. Blowing lightly on the surface can work, but not straight after (or during) eating or drinking - I know, I tried.


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