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Residing in West Sussex, Martin creates original and beautiful seascapes and beach scenes, rich in atmosphere and texture, taking inspiration from 10 years living just a stone’s throw from Hove beach. Sometimes dark, the paintings offer the viewer a sense of beauty, solitude, space and calm. The viewing experience is as much about the feelings and moods evoked, implied and suggested as the actual paintings themselves.

Martin uses different mediums within his work to create a variety of textures and effects, each painting experimental within itself. The high-end 'Golden' brand of acrylic paints and mediums are used in all of his paintings. 

  Martin's paintings have sold to private collectors both domestically and internationally as well as in the corporate world.

Pen and Ink:

Martin's pen and ink work is a relatively new venture. Taking an interest in the stipple drawing process during 2019, and after completing some experimental pieces to establish whether or not he had a genuine interest and enjoyment in the technique (or was it just another distracting side project). Martin found the whole process and technique to be totally absorbing and it provides a very different output to his artistic endeavors. The technique is incredibly slow and requires great patience and focus.


From what we see and observe around us in the natural world. Things you see every day and take for granted. The sun rising on a beautiful spring morning, the skies and colours above, the formation of the clouds, to the setting of the sun where the sky meets the sea. All these things create wonderful shapes and colours quite by chance, and if you're lucky enough you may find the time to stop and wonder at them. These are all a great inspiration, just take the time to observe and enjoy what is there, because within a whisper it will be gone.







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