Residing in West Sussex, I create original and beautiful seascapes and beach scenes, rich in atmosphere and texture, taking inspiration from my 10 years spent living just a stone’s throw from Hove beach. Sometimes dark, the paintings offer the viewer a sense of beauty, solitude, space and calm. The viewing experience, for me, is as much about the feelings and moods evoked, implied and suggested as the actual paintings themselves.  My paintings have sold to private collectors both domestically and internationally as well as in the corporate world.


Since setting out on my artistic and creative journey I have made many personal sacrifices to allow my work to progress and develop. My early abstract work was generally non-representational, though sometimes inspired by things seen in the natural world, abstract in form, vibrant in colour and experimental. Emphasis was strongly placed on flow and movement of paint, balance and textures, often set against a geometric backdrop. The spontaneous and energy sapping nature of the process I had developed, I worked one step from beauty and one step from disaster. I enjoy the elements of the unknown and the unpredictable within these works.


These two distinct and unique styles of work, while wholly different, compliment each other both visually and emotionally.  For myself, as an artist, they allow greatly contrasting processes and outlets for my creative and artistic outpourings.