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Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print: a high quality image of the original artwork is printed onto an acid free, slightly textured 310gsm alpha/cotton mix paper using archival inks. The paper is a museum heritage heavyweight watercolor paper, 310gsm [the weight being grams per square metre]. Both the paper and inks used are archival, ensuring print quality. When looked after there should not be any fading/degradation on the prints for 70+ years.


The original drawing is made up entirely, 100%, of pen ink dots. The drawing took a total of 257 hours to complete over a 13 month period. Based on 4 dots per second the drawing is made up of approximately 3.8 million ink dots. The original drawing is embellished with 24 carat gold leaf and pure platinum leaf.

'Evermore: Until Light Reveals Dark' uses the marble sculpture of 'Prometheus Bound and the Oceanids', an 1879 marble sculpture by German sculptor Eduard Müller, to depict mans eternal struggle of good over evil. Will the saviours of the light overcome the dark forces ?

Evermore: Until Light Reveals Dark PRINT


Save 35% on any 2 + Prints includes P&P

    • Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print. 
    • Print Size: 29.5x38.5cm - Mounted Size: 45x54cm
    • Limited Edition of 100 - Signed and numbered.
    • All Prints are sold with the Mount of your choice (see options)
    • All Prints are sold Unframed
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