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The National Migraine Centre

100%* of the price will be donated for sales from the 'Art for Charity' Gallery on this website..

50%** of the price will be donated for sales of original artworks from the Land and Seascape Galleries, including the Miniatures Gallery, and the Pen & Ink Original Drawings Gallery on this website when requested by the buyer.

35%*** of the price will be donated for sales from the Limited Edition Prints Galleries on this website when requested by the buyer.

I have chronic migraine and if it were not for the help of those involved at the National Migraine Centre my life would be very different. Before the Centre moved base in 2021 there was a permanent display of 6 of my original paintings there, as can be seen from the photographs below. All of the paintings were for sale with a 50% donation of the sale value being received by the Centre. In 2023 I am pleased to re-establish my connection with the National Migraine Centre and help to provide them with much needed funds through sales of my artwork. 

100%* of the sale value of the paintings shown in the 'Art for Charity' Gallery (less P&P) will be donated to the Centre.

All of the paintings in the 'Art for Charity' Gallery are priced at £225.00 The charity will receive the price paid for the artwork less £25.00 P&P ie £200.00. If the artwork is being collected from the artist then the full price, including the £25.00 P&P fee, will be donated to the Charity.

In addition to this, I am pleased to announce that I will donate 50%**/35%*** of the sale price to the National Migraine Centre for any artwork sold from any of the other Gallery pages on my website (details above). This includes all Original Paintings, Miniatures, Pen & Ink Drawings and Limited Edition Prints.

This offer excludes Greetings Cards and Gift Cards

Donations will also benefit from GiftAid adding a further 20% to the donation amount.

  • Please inform myself via email or phone to confirm that you are requesting the donation at the time of purchase from this website so that I can take the necessary actions. Or, if you have any questions regarding a particular artwork please do not hesitate to make contact.

  • email:

  • phone: 07817 178677

  • For transparency, please also inform the National Migraine Centre of this transaction informing them of the painting title and the price paid (I will also do this).

  • National Migraine Centre email: (also

​This is also being promoted on the National Migraine Centre website and on their Social Media pages.

If you are a fellow sufferer, or a friend or relative of someone who is, and you would like to know more about it, or to see what the National Migraine Centre can do for you, then please visit their website here.

Click here to see their Facebook page.





Former Chief Executive David Bloomfield and Operations Director Charlotte Burr with some of the display at the Centre. In David's own words: " Martin, Thanks for your support.  We all think the waiting room is now actually a nice place to wait!



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