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acrylic/mixed media on canvas

This painting was 2 years in the making, on and off. I started working on it in 2016 and only now (in 2018) am I entirely satisfied with the finished work. During that time I have added some, taken some away, added something else, took that away as well and finally...the finished piece, hopefully befitting the memory of the legend that was/is David Bowie. I have been listening to his music since the early 70's when I first became aware of him, playing the Jean Genie on a friend's record player.

I wanted to create a tribute that was something other than just another Bowie portrait. Something that was recognisable as one of my works incorporating the trademark textures and atmosphere, but not instantly and overtly a Bowie tribute.

So here it is: Blackstardust. When the light catches the painting it sparkles with genuine blackstardust. I hope he approves.

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