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PS: Bass Guitarist, Visual Artist

Drawing Size: 25x29cm

Framed Size: 54x58cm

Black Frame Mount Border width: 10cm wide on all edges

Glazing: Optium Museum Quality Acrylic

Pen and Ink Drawing



(Limited Edition Prints are also available)

This pen and ink 'stipple' drawing is made up entirely, 100%, of pen ink dots. The drawing took a total of 88 hours to complete. Based on 4 dots per second this drawing is made up of approximately 1.3 million ink dots.

The drawing is based upon the album cover artwork of London Calling by The Clash. I removed some elements from the original photograph as I wanted to capture the guitar of Paul Simonon in a totally black background. The drawing's title: PS (Paul Simonon): was the Bass Guitarist with The Clash and lives his life now as a Visual Artist.

Professionally framed and ready to hang: 52mm wide wood with black a stain finish - see image below.

The frame mount is black and is 10cm wide on all edges.

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