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Land & Seascape Miniatures -Archive

All Paintings in this Gallery are now Sold

- Click on image for additional views -

~~ Framed Miniature and Small sized canvases ~~

Unique and original handcrafted artworks. Small scale works of the larger paintings found in the 'Land and Seascape' Galleries.

These paintings are on a canvas art board unless stated otherwise.

Each board is approximately 3mm thick and extremely rigid, with the canvas wrapped around the edges.

They offer as a smaller scale, unique and affordable alternative to the larger paintings. 

Framed in a 1.5 inch deep Box Frame with Frame Mount, they can be wall mounted or table standing.

The Frames do not have a glass cover but are open ie you can touch the painting's textures if you want to.

The sizes shown below are the canvas sizes. For frame sizes and additional views please click on the image.



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