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Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print: a high quality image of the original artwork is printed onto an acid free, slightly textured 310gsm alpha/cotton mix paper using archival inks. The paper is a museum heritage heavyweight watercolor paper, 310gsm [the weight being grams per square metre]. Both the paper and inks used are archival, ensuring print quality. When looked after there should not be any fading/degradation on the prints for 70+ years.


The original drawing is made up (almost) entirely, 100%, of pen ink dots, closer to 99.99%. The drawing took a total of 206 hours to complete over a 9 month period. Based on 4 dots per second the drawing is made up of approximately 3 million ink dots. 


The Distractor PRINT


Save 35% on any 2 + Prints includes P&P

    • Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print. 
    • Print Size: 29x42cm - Mounted Size: 44x57cm
    • Limited Edition of 35 - Signed and numbered.
    • All Prints are sold with Black Mount/White core with a black border - as shown. 
    • All Prints are sold Unframed
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