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Melt 3 and Melt 4

diptych - 2@80x80cm

Overall length = 1.7 metres including 10 cm gap between canvases.

acrylic/mixed media on canvas


100% of the sale price will be donated to the National Migraine Centre

Two separate paintings, a matching pair, in this particular diptych. Each painting measures 80x80cm. The price given of £1345.00 is for both paintings sold together as a pair. Both paintings hung next to each other with a 10 cm gap between the two. Lots of texture on both paintings with a marble and dripping technique employed to provide the 'melting' effect as in the title. Hung together, side by side, the symmetry of the two works best with the white Melt 3 on the left hand side and the black Melt 4 on the right hand side. This painting is about the combination of colour, balance, symmetry, texture and technique set against a geometric backdrop.

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