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Intertwined: black gold, gold and crimson

triptych - 3@50x60cm

Overall length = 1.6 metres including 5 cm gap between canvases.

acrylic on canvas


100% of the sale price will be donated to the National Migraine Centre

This painting is a triptych made up of 3 separate canvases each measuring 50 cm wide x 60 cm high. Highly textured abstract painting which is a reworking of a previously popular painting called 'Feathered 'Texture'. Some of the photos of all 3 canvas show a blue flash in the bottom right area - this is a reflection on the painting, there is no blue in the painting. Highly textured and highly tactile. The only colours used are gold, black and crimson. Intertwined: Black Gold, Gold and inevitably Crimson will follow. A political painting.

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