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Metallic Copper and Mint Green Marble

triptych - 3@60x60cm

Overall length = 1.9 metres including 5 cm gap between canvases.

acrylic/mixed media on canvas

* SOLD *

£100.00 (100% of the sale price) was donated to the National Migraine Centre in London.

This painting is a triptych comprised of three separate canvas each measuring 60 x 60cm. The overall dimension given of 190cm in width allows for a 5cm or 2 inch gap between canvases left and centre, and centre and right. All of the paints used in this painting have a metallic finish and the finished beauty of the piece is difficult to fully capture in the photographs. The finish of all colours used have a beautiful and striking pearlescent quality. The marbled effect created by the process and technique that I have developed. The colours used are a copper background with the marbling comprised of mint green, dark grey, cream pearl, autumn gold and more copper.

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